about the artist

My practice is one of accumulated improvisation. I collect materials, shapes, gestures and textures from my surroundings and return to the studio to process them into compositions.  Sifting through what I’ve collected, I build imagery layer by layer in time-constrained sessions. 

More recently, I have engaged with improvisational choreography in collaboration with the Known Mass dance company out of New Orleans, LA, and continue to explore movement prompts in my drawing practice.

Originally from Shreveport, Louisiana, Nelson holds an MBA from Tulane University in Strategic Management and Entrepreneurship, a BA with distinctions in Visual Art, Art History, and Spanish from Duke University, and a Post-Baccalaureate certificate in Studio Arts from MICA.  She has participated in a range of apprenticeships and skill-shares over the years that are present in her process (welding/carpentry, bookbinding & boxmaking, textile surface design, sign painting, printmaking).  Her work experience includes co-founding Book Club Gallery, commercial and art fabrication, developing public art (Giant Puppetsa WolfBat steamboatmurals), teaching artistry, bookbinding, silkscreen publication, and academic editing.  She often crosses over into physical practices such as dance performance to inform her drawing.

Photo by Keiko Matsuno