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  • DIY studio setup in New Orleans

    This October I moved my studio.  I moved from a divine setup at Sharktown Studios in Philadelphia (shared studio with access down the hall to print collective BYOPrint) that was 2 blocks from home to a warehouse 15 minutes by car from my new home in New Orleans.  All so that I could be driving distance from my family.  I left beautiful communities in printmaking and frisbee behind and drove 1200 miles with life in boxes.  I don't need to tell you what a scary transtition that was and is.  It makes me vulnerable in lots of ways, but I couldn't stand the idea of missing my siblings and cousins indefinitely, so here we go, let's make it work!

    When I moved into my new space there was no print setup, no heat, and no windows in the new space.  My raw space looked like this:

    Picking a studio is a balance of light, space, people and (for printmaking) access to equipment.  I looked all over New Orleans, and the people at Corridor Studios stood out so much that I bypassed all of the other things on the checklist & chose to move in there, meaning I had a lot of building out to do.  After benefitting from collective workspaces for so many years, it felt good to learn how to set up my own equipment with what we had around.

    The darkroom came first - it's kind of a fort of moving blankets and contractor bags under my work table.  I crawl in and coat my screens, put them in a little compartment in the back, and crawl out until they're dry.  It's definitely not sustainable on the knees/back, but it's a start!

    Next came the washout.  My get-it-done studio mate Gabe modified a plastic sink so I could wash out while standing & installed shower curtains to control the spray.  We then installed a garden hose & voila!