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  • Table of Contents opens Feburary 2!

    The unofficial collective loosely referred to as Book Club is putting on an exhibition at Art Egg this Friday to debut fresh drawings by 4 of its members: Catherine Nelson, Kate Skakel, Margaret Parsons and April Bachtel.  The group represents a diverse spray of style and experience, including one animator/educator finalist in this year's New Orleans Art Prize competition, this year's resident artist at the St. Roch Community Church (and former visual arts faculty at the University of Alabama), one public sculptor & furniture builder, and a master of business student.  Techniques include lyrical linework fascinated by the body, oversized monotype moments, multi-material wall "drawings", and conceptualizations of time through drawing. The work, made by each of the artists over the last year, introduces each artist for a series of forthcoming solo exhibitions in the same space.

    Opening Reception: Table of Contents