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  • "Night Crawler" experimental installation Book Club Gallery

    In the inaugural show at Book Club, I exhibited alongside Margaret Parsons, Kate Skakel and April Bachtel.  It presented a unique opportunity to experiment with the installation of the massive collection of small objects I have generated since going back to school.

    Made of steel "drawings" welded at the Music Box Village over the summer, papier mache cypress knees, a touchable piece meant to collect the oil of fingers, pinned monotype prints and small sketchbook drawings made while traveling, and direct wall painting and charcoal drawing, this installation represents an initial attempt to bring my drawn worlds to human scale.  I'm looking forward to continuing this thread of multi-material wall drawing/collage.

    Conceptually, the large shape in the background was generated using a meditative technique that focuses intensely on the pencil tip to prevent predictive drawing.  The raw materials (source photos and physical materials) involved in the piece are largely recycled or gathered from the landscape around New Orleans.