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  • Developing "Secret Beach" performance for "A Tussle with the Genius Loci"

    Dancemaker Ann Glaviano (with whom I've collaborated in the past via her dancing for my work and me dancing in her Known Mass: St Maurice piece) agreed to develop a score called "Secret Beach" for the opening of my installation "A Tussle with the Genius Loci."

    Glaviano is collaborating with dancers Rebecca Allen and Deuwan Frances using the tools of experimental choreographer Deborah Hay as a foundation for a score that interacts with the installation. 

    Hay's framework generates improvisational choreography based on what each dancer sees.  In a state of constant motion (with prompts like "here and gone" and "I am not fixed"), dancers pass from frame to frame of visual information and respond to each with the physical vocabulary unique to each dancer's body and history.  Glaviano responded to the work I'm developing and generated additional prompts for the dancers ("what if I create the space," etc.) including the exciting and vulnerable introduction of dancers' vocals.

    The visual artwork the show interacts with was born out of a process of looking around at the water's edge and wondering if I really was home after moving back to Louisiana after 13 years away.  I think in that process I discovered that "home" is not fixed, and that it requires me to look anew at every moment and redefine it.  Collaborating with these dancers and Deborah's tools opens up the here and now in a vivid and specific way, and the opportunity to build this show with three women originally from Louisiana makes for a rich and informed "Tussle with the Genius Loci."