Large Scale Collaborations (2011-2017)

  • Music Box Village / New Orleans Airlift, 2017

    Legendary Mardi Gras Indian Big Chief of the Yellow Pocahontas Darryl Montana collaborated with the Music Box Village to design a musical house referencing suits designed and built with his father, Big Chief Tootie Montana, a tradesman and community pioneer for nonviolence. We sketched, talked, iterated in models, and finally fabricated a steel shell to be fiberglass coated. (Seen here illuminated in the background)
  • Meow Wolf's House of Eternal Return, 2015

    The now-famous art collective based out of Santa Fe secured the support of George R. R. Martin to create their first permanent installation in the interior of a former bowling alley. Using the full tool set for interactivity and fabrication, immersive worlds took shape in the building's interior. I spent most of my time sculpting small thermoplastic creatures and working on the canopy, laser cutting tyvek and weaving the leaves' wire hanging structure.
  • Dennis McNett's "Conjuring the Red River" 2015

    With a small artist team, we built a steamboat covered in McNett's wicked black and red screen prints, motorizing a paddle wheel in the center, painting a sunset fade behind, and outfitting the interior and deck of the boat with print-covered objects to be explored by visitors. Hosted by SRAC.
  • Wayne White's Shreveport Puppet Parade, 2014

    Set designer, artist and cardboard puppet master Wayne White visited Shreveport, LA and revived local characters in massive cardboard form. Using hot glue, wire, bamboo, cardboard, styrofoam and paint, we constructed an escaping Bonnie and Clyde, a swamp monster, Leadbelly, Hank Williams Sr., Cora Allen (founder of the the Calanthean Temple, a trad jazz hotspot in the early 1900's) and the notorious madame of Shreveport's early days, Annie McCune. We brought the characters to life in a parade down Elvis Pressly Blvd. Hosted by SRAC