The Mimi Project (2016/2017)

In the spring of 2016 I participated in a residency at the Womens' Studio Workshop in upstate New York (pictures & writeup here).  During the residency, my mother mailed me my late grandmother's teenage journal.  It contains daily entries of 5 years from when she lived near where I lived at the time in New Orleans.  As I read it, the images that surfaced when I sat down to the drafting table were of the repeated daily gestures of the women who raised me.  

I thought about their journies and mine, and the differences in the expectations placed on our days.  I was forced to reframe traits of theirs that I had passed judgement on. The honeypot, sugar jar and flowery speech pieces were made in response to stories of my mother being teased or flirted with at work and having to develop nonthreatening ways around the problem.  

These pieces were a complete experiment in trusting my subconscious to produce imagery, and consequently they look nothing like the work I've made before or after, but the residency and this body of work have had a marked impact on my process (and relationships with these women).