Catherine Nelson is a visual artist whose work explores the complexities of our bodies’ relationship to our environments through drawing, material experimentation, performance, and installation.  Her work is heavily influenced by the fragments that accumulate along the Louisiana waterfront.  In both her visual and curatorial work, Nelson investigates process and how decision-making methods affect creative outcomes. 

Nelson is currently pursuing an MFA in Installation and Performance at the University of Connecticut, works with the Contemporary Art Galleries there, and continues to co-produce the artist-run digital residency Southern Heat Exchange.

CV available here.


Combining elements of drawing, sculpture, photography, and natural dyes, Nelson's installations explore our bodily relationship to our environment.  

She looks to craftspeople and movement improvisers in search of diverse forms of knowledge, creation, and decision-making found in the body.  

Her installations, made using both found and crafted elements, are intended to speak directly to the senses of the visitor through their curious material combinations and spatial/visual compositions.  

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