Born in 1987 in Shreveport, LA, Catherine Nelson is a visual artist whose sculpturalcompositions explore communication between the human body and its material surroundings.  She earned a BA at Duke University in Art, Visual Studies and Spanish, and is currently pursuing an MFA in Installation and Performance at the University of Connecticut, where she teaches Sculpture.

Her art practice has been shaped by assisting small-businesscraftspeople (bookbinding, sign painting, printmaking, fabrication) and she continuesto rely on the act of making to educate her hands and eyes. 

She has been an artist-in-residence at the DenverPublic Library, Women’s Studio Workshop, and Vermont Studio Center.  Exhibition history includes the FreeLibrary of Philadelphia (PA), Temple Art Space and Redline Contemporary ArtCenter (CO), minicine? and Antenna Gallery (LA), the Egyptian Embassy and PhilobiblonGallery (Rome, IT), Binyamina Gallery (Tel Aviv, Israel), SANTORASPACE25 (SantaAna, CA), and the University of Utah (UT). She recently curated the group exhibition “Like Spilling” at the Alexey vonSchlippe Gallery in Groton, CT and continues to co-produce the artist-run digital residency Southern Heat Exchange.  

CV available here.

Artist's Statement

I work across diverse media to observe and redefine my body’srelationship to its material environment. I research, collect, and compose with natural dyes, patinas, found objects,and perimeter drawings.  I am consciousof where materials come from and how they will break down, and my pieces are oftenbuilt to expire after they’ve been enjoyed. 

My compositions and drawings take cues from temporary riverbankclutter, improvised movement, and from a desire to re-map the spaces andstructures I inhabit. 

Having grown up in Louisiana, I feel a personal connectionto issues of toxicity and rising sea levels. I see sensuality as a balm for personal and climate grief.  I dive into the tactility of my practice topreserve an experience of lived pleasure so that I may “stay with the trouble” ofour time.

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